Hey there BBQ Fam!

 If you live in the Greater Houston Area, here is your chance to learn the basic skills to prepare and smoke some of BBQ’s most popular backyard favorites. I have designed this class to assist those new to BBQ who would like to skip a whole lot of trial and error and produce not just BBQ but amazing BBQ that will keep a smile on your friends and families faces for years to come.

In this 8 hour class we will learn the following techniques- Fire Management, Flavor profiles, Wood Selection, Meat Selection, Meat Prep & Injections, Adjusting on the fly and many more.

Choose between hosting at your home & backyard kitchen or join us at our BBQ Outdoor Training Studio in Conroe, TX. 

All students will receive a BBQ Boot Camp T-shirt as well as a Chrome BBQ ChainMail mop as our gift for completing the class.


Pork Spare Ribs- Learn to trim season and smoke succulent pork spare ribs like the pros do on the competition circuit using the 3-2-1 method.

Pork Spare Ribs Smoked & Glazed

Spatchcock Smoked Chicken- Learn to spatchcock a chicken which is the process of removing the back bone to allow the bird to lay flat and cook evenly while getting as much seasoning and smoke penetration as possible.

Smoked Spatchcocked Chicken

Bacon Fatty-  Step by step instructions how to create the perfect bacon weave and stuff it with a delicious meatloaf made of a blend of Beef and Pork and stuffed with your favorite cheeses and or extra’s.

Cheddar and sausage stuffed meatloaf. Wrapped in a bacon weave and smoked.

Smoked Mac N Cheese- Everyone has a good Mac n Cheese recipe but not everyone wins awards. Learn to prep and cook the last Mac n Cheese recipe you will ever need.

Smoked Mac N Cheese

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